Strikers 2 , have 1 vacancy left.

28/01/18 10:13
One spot available on strikers 2... Now ranked 49 in game... Rebels only 86th rank. How is the poaching and scouting going Ash ?
We have 5 ex Friends guild teams on board.
Any good Active, friendly English speaking teams are welcome to join.

No Big Noter's or part timers though ! We are happy to help all play, have fun and improve...... Liverpool65.
28/01/18 17:42
we was 69th but have promoted one guy to world elite and MK left us but yes going nicely got raiders coming to us tonight I believe smashing GC's just beat Irelands elite and now where on world stars beating them as well then we will have 1 spot i could upgrade my stadium as have over 50 million but keeping the fans low as some of the team are under level 5 so will need time to develop before we go challenge for a top 50 place