error in logging in

28/10/15 14:27
when i try to log in, an error comes.please fix it. i have trouble logging it.
29/10/15 10:47
What does the error say ?
29/10/15 12:46
the error says "Oops, something went wrong"
29/10/15 12:49
The error message is below that.

Try to clear your browser cache.
04/11/15 17:13
it says login error.connect.badlogin

please fix it ASAP. i am unable to access my account .
05/11/15 10:13
It means you entered a wrong password. Use "Forgot password" to get it back by email.
19/11/15 16:40
it got OK by itself. thanks
20/11/15 15:57
This has started happening once again. Pls, PierrotLL, fix this ASAP. i am losing a lot of time due to this.
22/11/15 09:21
hey, admin. what does it take to get your attention.
22/11/15 23:45
I´m getting an Error #3669, can´t log in, please help.