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15/12/23 01:22
Randy Young :

pigskin :

lol when you have free loaders that scam who tf is going to spend money they have busted ,and sweated to work for see free loaders are the problem with all facebook games,the developers will eventually say f it...kinda like the upgrades the break away is gone,,,the spender perk is gone so explain to me with people who speak friendly like randy..his address is fake and he is a piece of garbage so randy young ,,,,,you explain to me why people should spend money on the game...please do,,,you have guys like glen putting videos on you tube how to beat people who pay the bills for sweet nitro.yet its all good i for 1 feel cheated.....and all the bs about the french spending money is a stop lying quote me hate me i do not care ...the same people who have ruined sns other games employees are doing it again.good day slurp slurp randy

um have you ever watched glens vid? I dare you try the plays lol

I don't care what people spend $ on....

What address is fake? my fb address? my real address..? the address I bang your mom at?

cause the UPS driver seems to find me just fine...the mailman...I dont do your mom here.. she scares the dog..

I have no idea who you are, wth you want and why you are trying to follow me around Facebook.... I mean if you want me to sign something just let me know.. I could send you a pic you can make it into a fat head and give it too your mom for mothers day..

Have you ever stopped to think how much trouble you go through to track people down you dont even know... Over a bad football sim? and you think everyone else has a problem...

Any time you feel like loading up one of Glens plays ... and whooping my arse.. just bring it...

I do the best I can to counter that um counter play he likes so much...

In the mean time get some help bro.. Oh and tell your momma I said hi!!

people are still using those plays Randy.
I called it the MISDIRECTION offense...and do you know what? I was the ONLY one doing it back then.
Now damn near EVERY successful player in the game and beyond uses at least one of those kinds of plays in their playbook.
Not too shabby huh?

15/12/23 01:24
btw Randy...if you'd like...load your team up...and I will gladly hand you your ass any day of the week