Retirement Age of Players

28/03/16 02:09
Agree 100%
28/03/16 10:10
I must admit, that I agree with this when looking at it from a simple age perspective, but there is also the need for a limit as its a game, if the game goes down this route, one idea may be that yes the player can continue, but his speed and stamina stop increasing. Just a thought
30/03/16 09:01
Or they can carry on playing but their speed and stamina decrease every season from age 31.
30/03/16 14:23
me too
30/03/16 21:50
All good ideas here. Would be happy to see an age extension that makes efforts to train young guys to high Q ratings worthwhile and happy to accept that some attributes such as speed, stamina, STRENGTH, TOUGHNESS, ACCELERATION, start to deteriorate, say, afet 32 until retirement at 35.
01/04/16 10:40
Great idea - what about a random retirement age between 31 and 35 to add a bit of chance as well
07/04/16 00:11
07/04/16 11:54
Great point
07/04/16 15:47
If the aim is to be realistic then speed would decline after 31 but not stamina. Endurance athletes tend to peak around their mid thirties.
07/04/16 15:50
I spent much of last season watching a 40 year old world cup winner play at a very decent standard, and would rather agree with that last statement.