Give us your ideas for the creation of a training center

13/10/16 20:06
good evening on the french forum we offered the player to give us ideas for Developers create a training center for players. this center would aim to recruit very young players to train them to integrate them to our team. I invite you to give us your ideas for the creation of a training center.
13/10/16 20:57
Have coaches that can be purchased in ah and the attributes of these coaches influence the players that are recruited as well as their development.

Players that are recruited start without a number and after developing their attributes the manager, those of us playing the game, can decide what number to slap on their back.

Let us name our youngsters, I would like to have a club full of some of my favorite guys from my playing days.
13/10/16 21:10
Great idea! I'd expect that depending on the level of the training centre you have it kicks out a certain quality of player, maybe have the option of having more than one too?? Naming the players could be interesting too...

What needs to be important is having decent players coming out, there's no point for a level 28 team getting a supply of 90* players...
13/10/16 21:12
Give them accelerated training but they can only leave the academy at the end of two seasons if bought.

Alllow naming and number allocation at the end of the training.

Introduce the players to camp by making a selection of 5 available but the coach may only buy one with ah coins.
Players must buy 3 coaches, attacking, defensive and overall. Selection must work on same principle as described above.

Limit the maxium number of academy trainers to 7.

Make the academy available at stadium lvl 18 as the players that get there already know what is going on in the game.

If a player becomes inactive the academy must still push the graduates out but to ah if they haven't been assigned a number within the span of a championship.

13/10/16 21:13
the idea is a building not a coach
but your idea is interesting
13/10/16 21:15
So you could have development settings inside? Say I want to development backs and ignore my pack, or other way around, or focus on speed, etc could I do that? Otherwise it seems very similar to a training just with younger players.
13/10/16 21:25
This would be very popular but does it have the active backing of the developers or is it just an idea at this stage?
13/10/16 21:32
you have very good ideas but I would be more in order to have a training center building that allows us to have players to integrate to our teams.
13/10/16 21:36
Whatever User Name I Try It Already Exists :

This would be very popular but does it have the active backing of the admin or is it just an idea at this stage?

I wish I had a lot of proposal that admin can we propose a synthesis of ideas. actually it is a greeting stake but I believe it.
13/10/16 21:42
So this is just to propose to the admin and the idea from the French is just a training building effectively but for younger players than current players? If I were to go to the developers I think I would have 10 things I would ask for before that.

It would need to be more than training grounds for kids to get me excited.