Mykosis Knights

03/01/19 13:33
So... this has been going on for about a year or so. We are all different guilds, but we respect, and have fun playing each other. I will never understand this. GOAT's you realize how bad he makes your guild look, and you made him a Leader? All he does is play down. He played 5 levels down, and lost. So, he just played 34 levels down.

He pulls this shit all the time. We never play him in GC, because he deserves nothing.

We just "unfriendly" him like crazy, as he is an ass. Nowhere close to the spirit of the game.

What a douche.

So, if you wish, I invite all of you to unfriendly him. Like I said, been over a year. Maybe he will get the message.


I hate don.
03/01/19 16:34
not sure what this is about but I got the high score so far. lol 72.
03/01/19 17:25
Its about cherry picking...he has always played down 20 levels or more at start of GC
03/01/19 18:43
ohh we have not played HIGH SCORE IN A LONG LONG TIME

I got 88-0

04/01/19 00:00
LOL, I have to try harder! Seriously, thank you guys. Again, we compete against each other. Hell, I lose more than I win sometimes, but it is all for fun. The last thing this game needs is someone who has constantly done this, and discourage other players who are trying to move up. All about the integrity of the game, beer, whiskey, having fun, and talking trash to each other like brothers.
Carry on!
04/01/19 01:09
No high score for me =( But I do hate cherry pickers
04/01/19 01:18
Hey, Jammin, again, what I worry about, because, despite its flaws, love this game and the community. I saw this happen once before, where a new player is trying, and Jackasses like mykosis discourage them, and then they quit. Have no idea to get ahold of him, But fucking cut it out. We are all trying to build the community, not tear it down. Hopefully the unfriendlies from multiple guilds sends a message to him.

I hate don.
04/01/19 01:41
I know exactly what your saying Jason. Seen that too. There is an unspoken code in this game for GC's and violations should be punished! The map is fair game though.
04/01/19 01:53
oh now and then when we are clearing a board we clear from top to bottom.. then it's highest lev up...

but we also try and just use a "Lose " Playbook.. making some guy get a ton of games on him.. but also getting paid...

I did once clear the "Last Man" with everything at zero..... it was painful to watch.. I swear my hb drug his entire D-line across the field.... I was so mad at myself... we tend to look for better players for that now....

The best part is watching someone splash against our lowest lev that has 4-5 levs on him.....

You know what i mean Hell your guy Auburn plays well above his lev .. he gets a few of our 50ies now and then

04/01/19 02:31
if you watch all the top guilds they will play at or above their level when possible in the first round and most then lose to a team so all the teams in their guild have a chance to get both games in to collect some money. mykosis has never gotten the hint though....there was a time when The Ghosts and The Pimps played him almost non-stop for 2 days for cherry picking and the very next GC the first team he played was over 20 levels down