Mykosis Knights

04/01/19 02:48
Shine got your tongue, Randy? Shit, why don't you give away all our beer too while you're at it.
04/01/19 03:31
04/01/19 10:10
New high score guys
04/01/19 17:43
HA!! Nice one Karl! We have 96, I say 96, can anyone go higher?
05/01/19 10:35
The Maddogs :

Shine got your tongue, Randy? Shit, why don't you give away all our beer too while you're at it.

give away our beer? next thing we Know you will be asking for a "safe room" in the guild hall.. lol
06/01/19 00:18
Thanks to all the teams that played mykosis. Maybe someday he will catch on but I wouldn't bet on it
18/01/19 15:07
this guy tracked me down on FB made some comment about not being able to find my phone number then called me an asshole and said he reported me.....
not sure for what mind you. for playing him? and posting a high score?

dude you should have been here in the old days..... dude like you got played by the entre brotherhood and dynasty teams non stop for a whole weekend

ya it was cause of that they put the delay in so you can't play a team over and over...

just for the record I did go smack him again after i got his fb message... he blocked me so i could not replay... so I had to let him know I got his message

18/01/19 15:43
18/01/19 19:47
Randy that's funny as hell....can't understand why people go to such extremes over a game that offers you nothing except enjoyment....the pimps played me nonstop when i was a level 1 for 3 days one time
18/01/19 19:56
well that was the old pimps.. and well the brotherhood would hold contest like that back in the day...

no idea what you did as a lev 1 to call such a hit upon yourself..

and I won't speak for the pimps of old... but for the brotherhood of old there was always a good reason for it... like a lev 20 hitting on a lev 8 when there were higher lev targets to pick...
or hitting the forums and bad mouthing the guild.. so on...

Like I said that was a long time ago... thing's have changed... the game has changed... in things like this.. for the better....

We all did some crazy stuff back then.. we used to joke and ask.. is this a football sim or a war game?