Juggernauts can't win without resorting to underhanded methods.

14/02/18 13:54
Dreadlocked warriors :

Massegat, I wondered if you'd see that, lol, was that the correct usage?

Wahahahahaahhaha yeap, nearly had coffee coming from nose when i saw it mate lol.

Yeap used correctly
14/02/18 14:24
Just my .02 coming here and I'm not going to say if I think this is cheating or not because the whole cheating topic is as cool as a middle aged man driving a 2002 BMW thinking he still has it. I was in a guild challenge where the other guild pulled this stunt on us. We could have curled up and cried, we could have come on the forum and tried to throw shade, or we could have done what we did which was pull together and keep it from happening. If you think there is nothing to be done in these scenarios then you are playing checkers vs a guild playing chess. In our scenario we realized they were playing chess but they didn't realize we were on a Go board.
14/02/18 14:57
It's not cheating, it's allowed by the game, if it's sportsmanly is another topic entirely.
14/02/18 15:19
Regardless of semantics, it's a challenge (the point of any game made before the participation medal generation) and it's a challenge that can be overcome with some thought.
14/02/18 21:03
I respect the fact that GW apologized for him swearing at us in the game thanks mate appreciated. Must admit the tsek was kak funny another Saffas word you can learn on concerning the tactical game as you yourself mentioned and Black Monks it is a common practice in the game and trust me it can be overcome by using the right timing but that in future Juggernaut will not be using it against your guild we have played you chaps now 4 times in the last month so i can almost guarantee a rematch is in the cards.
14/02/18 21:07
Everyone happy in the end after the heat of the battle. Look forward to seeing the rematch and the all out fight for glory. May the best side win in a future match.

How is that 2002 BMW of yours doing Monks?
14/02/18 21:50
Not my bmw, lol
14/02/18 22:06
Hear's to a good rematch then, like you say we draw each other every few weeks so it won't be long. I will personally guarantee no mb usage from us. May the best team win. im looking forward to it.
Glad you enjoyed my use of your language, I like to be culturaly appropriate and only learnt the word a few days ago and have been waiting for an excuse to use it (thanks again massegat).
I've heard stories of monks BMW, he washes it every day, won't go above 30 in it and doesn't let the kids eat sweets in it either. Damn does he look the bomb though at the traffic lights, smoothing that comb-over down and blipping the throttle ever so slightly. Gives me the horn anyway, pmsl.
14/02/18 22:25
Don't forget about my beautiful pink tank top!
14/02/18 22:25
Now all of you get off my lawn!!!!