The blue vs red issues

07/05/19 20:25
Ok, so most everyone knows the blue team vs red team issues...........Just wondering how many actually like the run vs pass issues?.......part of me likes it....but it also really seems unrealistic to have 3 -4 defensive players covering a wr and still not picking it off or tackling them........and the opposite when red team.....same wr can be maxed and covered by 1 defensive player and get picked.......I know it COULD happen in football, but it's highly unprobable........any thoughts?
07/05/19 22:32
Totally agree on that. Passes are too weak while being the red team but also too strong while being the blue team. You are making ridiculous room with passes... Rb's just slow down.

If you ask me... The main problem is the slow down. The receiver gets his slow down after receiving the ball. Usually your runs working like step back a bit, receive the ball and go for it. Passes working the opposite way... WR /TE runs forward idk 20 yards catches the ball and gooo. The slow down just happens after receiving the ball. That's why passes are working over 20-50 yards. Ridiculous!
07/05/19 23:21
I agree Karl...…...I like the pass vs run stuff......But the pass and the run slow down does stink bad...….hopefully they can fix that a little bit.….otherwise it doesn't seem to be to bad
07/05/19 23:47
You both said it, Streifenkarl and C4l. Look only the matches between the same team as red and blue. You see most of the teams su cks very high as red. Only a few teams can handle both.
I didn't will say it loud, but one them are you Streifenkarl and Zeke,
I hope they make a better playing for both, red or blue
07/05/19 23:57
Sometimes TK, sometimes. There is also a huge difference in all those games. Turnovers are key. Sometimes you get 0 or 1 and sometimes 6. Idk if it's the hidden parameter BS which was patched in recently.
08/05/19 00:05
Turnovers, that's true, but I think if they make Pass playing for both teams equal or/and make the run play slow down later, some of the teams don't reach the top 5 for now..
08/05/19 00:05
It's kinda exciting lol you don't know what you get after hitting the challenge button
08/05/19 00:08
Nice to see that you have
08/05/19 00:20
For now lol. My frustration level is also high
08/05/19 01:12
You guys pretty much nailed it. Also, there is an inconsistency of defense speed during games. I've sent several tickets on this issue and received one of my favorite stock responses from the mods today. "Thank you for your feedback, we take note of that". lmao

TK, it is fun for the most part. I liken hitting the challenge button to pulling the arm on a slot machine. lol