What does it really stand for????

12/03/19 15:45
ok just wondering here, im a old Army dude, who uses acronyms a lot...…...but what exactly does "WTH" stand for?
Besides the obvious, "what the hell".....is there another meaning for this name??? Just curious
12/03/19 22:56
We Touch Hinny, We Teach Hoarding, Was The Hardest, Where They Help, Why They Hurt, Whiny Tom Haters, Wow The House, Win The Hat....I give up.
13/03/19 21:54
What The HELL

13/03/19 22:03
Gotcha thx!.....I was thinking maybe...We Tough Fellers!!!
13/03/19 22:15
Cowboys4Life :

Gotcha thx!.....I was thinking maybe...We Tough Fellers!!!

And the Pimps new name stands for What the Fu__

Yo C4L bro you have come up a few Huge notches . good to see you kicking some arse
you were always a tough game but IMO better then ever right now
14/03/19 00:21
Well thank you........I have awesome guild mates who are incredible guys who want to keep improving our teams..........I owe alot to THOU and TK and really all the rest too........always loved football, and playing with the RIGHT people and friends has made this game even more enjoyable......thanks again for compliment.....I'm sure you and I will continue our battles.........and it sure has been some good ones down to the last play a few times for both of us
14/03/19 10:50
Could not agree more My friend! The game itself is ok.. but the people that you run with... make this game worth playing..