Golden Footballs

29/08/17 18:26
What are the uses of the golden footballs? So far I have only seen them being useful for buying tiles to build more buildings.
30/08/17 00:04
You can use them for quick training, accelerating buildings to finish quicker, and buying more builders. You can have three builders total but the third one costs 100 gold balls.
30/08/17 04:08
Don't forget trading them in for heal kits and Auction coins and in game cash too.
30/08/17 18:56
You will need those GBs to open your last 4 or 5 plots. The last plot you can pay cash for costs 100 mil. Then its nothing but GBs.
18/09/17 04:36
The Golden Football rewarded for winning a tournament isn't nothing compared to Golden Football's required for upgrades. It is sad that y'all do not reward more Golden Football's but charge an arm and a leg in Golden Football's to upgrade