squad numbers etc

26/07/17 21:32
hello , is there a set number of players you should have , i.e 3 QB 5 x LB 4 x RB ETC ??and is there a squad page other that the training one?

26/07/17 22:10
Ideally, 55 is a good number. 11 for each set of offense, 11 for defense and 11 for special teams. Plus any replacements for injuries and such. Hope this helps.
27/07/17 19:44
thank you
27/07/17 21:21
Hey Martin, how new are you and what's your team?
01/08/17 21:01
just finished 1st season - Natural Born Winners
01/08/17 21:58
Well when you get a guild building at lv 7 stadium. If you need a guild I can clear a spot for you.
05/08/17 12:13
thank you , but started my own guild 4 teams already just need a few more to join me
06/08/17 00:59
Gotcha, well good luck on that... a lot of inactive guilds/teams out there.