Faster promotion

06/05/17 19:31
So it is now officially over 6 months to get from league 1 to number 1 overall, assuming you win every league game ever. And it is so uncompetitive down the bottom. (I'm in championship 6) so my idea is until maybe league 12, top of the table gets 3 promotions rather than two. Will hopefully create more challenge for active players early on and slightly shorten the slog until other players are naturally competitive (I have been promised championship 12 should be reasonably hard to win)
07/05/17 20:47
Might have been hard in the past, but it's not hard to win at 12 now if you know what you're doing. I finally lost a game at 17, but it was because I forgot to tweak my playbook for offline play.
07/05/17 22:28
The top team moving up 3 levels is a good reward, I think. At least until they get about half way to the top, or so.
08/05/17 06:18
I started playing the soccer game of this a month or two ago and am on level 6 now. I won my level 4 (1st place) and was offered a $4.99 promo to move up 3 levels instead of 2. So, I would guess something like that will be coming over here at some point or another and you will be able to buy some faster promotions.
08/05/17 19:16
I think they're waiting for level 50 probably before that offer will come