Pro Bowlers vs. Coalition!!! This will be epic!!

08/01/17 18:24
After a handful of missed opportunities, the match up is finally here. It will be a close battle. Who can take down rockhounds? Who can take down Britz? Will we have enough guys to take out Coalition's middle? Hmmmmmmmmm.

The Pro Bowlers will (hopefully) fight honorably. No slider from us! Of course, I can't speak for everyone in my guild, but I did email all of them, and there are only two guys in our guild that I know like to use the slider, so all I can do is beg and plead to not screw it up. Assuming they follow directions (which I'm relatively confident they will do), then it will be an epic battle!

Good thing I have 23 hours and 40 minutes to "prepare" myself. I don't think they can take us. We're just too good! But, as I guess they say...we'll let the action on the field settle this one. Good luck (but not really) to you guys! I hope we don't tragically injure too many of your
08/01/17 19:56
Fortunately injuries don't happen in guild challenge games

Good luck guys and enjoy!
08/01/17 20:11
The Coalition will be very happy to know that.
09/01/17 05:52
Oh yes!! We are SO looking forward to this. Currently, we are 10-0. Is this the time for our first defeat? HELL NO! LOL! Look out, Can't Wait has even created a hit list of how to take you guys out. Fair warning......

We Are Coming For You.....

*cue scary music*

09/01/17 08:57
Ahahahha thanks Da Cubs for creating the thread.
Yes, I am very excited to have this GC against a respectable Pro Bowlers.
You asked, who will knock off rock and britz... the answer isnt as obvious as it seems and good number of our members can knock them out lol.
I did make a list of who should take on whom, but as MB said in our chat, it's not a rule but a tool! We dont TELL members what to do, and that's the secret behind our success.
YEAH that is it, spies! That's the very secret of Coalition; to let every member have fun and inspire each other to have that drive for the win! There u have it so please dont bother us.
Sorry, got off the track Da Cubs.. my advise to you guys, this is your best chance of beating us so take advantage of this opportunity, cause come next season, you know that we'll be so much stronger hahaha
09/01/17 18:51
Yep yep. I've dubbed this the Cotton Bowl rematch. On the one hand, we have the undefeated Western Michigan team. 13-0! But, they played some weaker competition, but are undefeated. On the other hand we have the Wisconsin Badgers who have 3 losses, but played a much tougher schedule. Fortunately for us, the Badgers were able to take down the Western Michigan guys 24-16, so I'm hoping to keep that script alive.

First hour in! As of this minute, 5-2 Pro Bowlers! ANNILIATION and CW have been taken down by rock and Britz. 2 more attacks from our side to yours in progress as we speak. The Pro Bowlers are hungry. They don't wait. The attacking will continue throughout the day nice and steady. One after another...after another coming. When will the Coalition make the charge back? When will the attacks begin? Will they mentally be able to overcome the early defeat of their top 2? So many questions to answer. 23 hours to go.

Have fun kiddos! I'll be watching each and every game.