Error message

25/08/16 22:32
I have a message stuck on my screen that when i click on it,it just reboots the game and the message is still there. It says..........oops,something went wrong - error #3677. It's quite annoying and i can't seem to get it off the screen
26/08/16 15:46
The error 3677 is a Texture Decoding Failed
I think it's your flash player need an update
26/08/16 15:49
thats a decoder error...

try playing in with another browser just to see if it is still there.. I use chrome.. if it's gone and you still want to use your old browser

go reset your other browser to default ...settings it may work..

Not sure you have a game problem .. now i could be wrong if i am I'm sure a admin will jump in...

you may want to put a ticket in on stuff like this.. they react very fast to tickets and can maybe point you in the right path

31/08/16 14:55
Please try a CTRL+R, it seems that an image were not download properly