Another screw up

25/08/18 17:06
notice for patch 7 says "Preparation time for guild challenges reduced to 12h (instead of 24h). Match phase unchanged and still lasts 24h."

Just gone to start a new G C & it still comes up saying 24 hours prep time
27/08/18 08:50
Yes....and that was probably one of the best updates I can ever recall that I was looking forward to. Lets jam this stuff out faster!!!
28/08/18 19:11
Well at last the prep time is 12 hours but nothing to tell you the 12 hours had kicked in & only after it had been running for 12 hours was there a message to say it had started.

This is pretty basic stuff there is no excuse other than they are being slap happy for this not to work straight away if it was really that difficult they should have suspended anymore starting the prep for 50 hours & then changed it before it was allowed to start up again.

Once again some good ideas messed up still at least they have done them unlike the facility to change players names that they were bringing in over two years ago & still have not done it