Quasi-noob needs heals

29/03/17 02:45
Looking for a guild that's at least semi-active so I'll actually get heal kits, would prefer an English speaking one, although if anyone here is in a Spanish speaking guild, I might be able to get by. Set up my village a bit and left to let my RP grow so I'd be able to build a complete team, but back now. I'm more of a 'Murican football guy, but have a decent grasp on soccer tactics and should grow well as I rise through the ranks.
29/03/17 17:05
Keep an eye on Come on England we have a couple of non active members who could get kicked on Sunday if by then there is still no sign of life
29/03/17 20:33
Just got myself demolished by the leader lol
31/03/17 00:01
I know if I was a guild leader, I wouldn't recruit you. You don't seem very good.
31/03/17 00:05
Yeah...what that guy said. I agree with Barry Melcher. He seems to know his stuff.
31/03/17 00:24
I have an academy if you would like to join super Ninja called World elite academy it's open to all no invite needed I've only just opened the guild if you wish to join hence not many members yet my senior team is the leader of world elite and I'm in championship level 38 for next season never spent a penny on the game don't believe in pack players just tactics
31/03/17 10:56
Ashley how many teams do you run?
31/03/17 12:15
2 In the football and two on the rugby so 4 in total shaun
31/03/17 18:12
I took early retirement & only have time for one how the l do you do it?
15/04/17 22:13
Have you found a guild yet Super Ninja?