names of members in forum

21/05/16 09:07
You can use a different name in the forum and it would be nice to also see the name of that players team and guild so you know who you are talking with
22/05/16 11:23
Yes. This is a good idea. SA Swans has the team of the same name. But most people don't know the name of my team. This will be helpful especially in the guild section when we shall be able to send the invite to the person. He shall no longer have to search for the team, play a friendly and the wait for the reply.
23/05/16 11:45
You can change your name on the forum here :
23/05/16 12:35
that is not the question. the question / suggestion is that you are able to see the real team name besides the forum name
23/05/16 14:03
Yes i want to know what team the person who is talking on the forum represents. I don't want to change my name.