How to unlock the last land?

08/03/16 08:22
It requires $270,000,000 to unlock the last land. But the total limit for the 4 banks are $24,000,000 x 4 = $96,000,000, far much lower than that.
So how can I unlock the last land other than use the gold balls???
08/03/16 08:29
Do you mean the last stadium? Definitely doesn't cost $270m!

EDIT: Sorry mis-read your post! Don't know about last LAND lol, but if it costs $270m then don't think I would bother But you do raise an interesting point, I guess you can only use gold balls to buy it...
08/03/16 08:40
The tournament never begins. I can't earn gold balls.
And I waste too many gold balls to unlock the previous lands. Now for me, it costs 60 gold balls to buy this last land.
08/03/16 12:54
Unfortunately you can only use gold balls to unlock the land.

I also cannot afford the plots.
09/03/16 15:04
If you use gold balls to unlock land, it increases the price in money by much more than it would of been if you unlocked by money. I also fell into the trap and am now forced to use gold balls to unlock land.
17/05/16 23:54
and what would the land last be used for?

- I've just noticed that I have 7 plots left - but only 6 shops left to build... ?

(and everything else already acquired) ...
18/05/16 17:22
Maybe the youth academy.
18/05/16 19:24
That will be it
- How do I "unlock" that then?
(I am on stage 20 stadium already and haven't seen anything about a youth academy yet?)
16/10/16 20:24
So, I'm now a bit further on in the game - and have almost all my buildings max'd up to the top levels.
I have the one free plot still left (yet to unlock - awaiting a few more Gold Balls in order to do so...) but, I still have no clue as to what I might be able to build there?
I've not come across anything to do with a "Youth Academy" yet?
Any ideas anyone please?
17/10/16 16:35
Hi, Charles, there's no youth academy in this game, unfortunately, & for your last plot, you will be building a strategy building (once you upgrade to a Level 22 stadium, I believe). As Admin has been of not much help on this forum, I checked the teams who spent lots of hard cash, i.e. Aria of the "We Love Iran" guild, & discovered they have the highest rated players & 4 strategy buildings, so I think your last building will be a strategy building. All the best.