Remove the Leader

20/01/16 14:27
Dear Admin,
I am the leader of the guild Call of Champions. I have a co-leader Arsenal FC who is inactive. He rarely plays the game and hence, I want to kick him out. But I can't do so. Please kick Arsenal FC out from my guild. My team is FC Oblivion.

20/01/16 21:17
change his status from right hand to experience ...then give him the booth
21/01/16 10:22
In the guild management page, click on his name, then you must be able to kick him out.
21/01/16 16:04
No, I can't do anything to the leader. I can't demote him too nor can I kick him out.
22/01/16 10:25
I did it for you.
22/01/16 12:39
Thanks PierrotLL
23/01/16 15:11
only the kiss is missing CR
24/01/16 16:55
Wish I could give one big, wet one to you, SA Swans. I find you very handsome. ;)
25/01/16 07:57
haha ...then I would be your baddr hari
26/01/16 07:47
Sorry, 'Handsome' SA Swans, I didn't get you(no pun intended. ) What I mean to say is I don't understand what you mean to say.