Patch 5.3

09/01/17 08:05
My record was 23 games in a day which is bloody stupid needed a shit load of heals to compete in League, Cup & Guild challenge if that or something near it ever happens again then I use heals only for the League match.

If they need cash which I'm sure is the main motivation behind doing this then I would be willing if they dropped the buy gold balls to pay £5.00 a month for this to play as it would improve the game & would no doubt bring in more cash for them as well. They could have a first 3 months free for new teams before charging.

That should bring in more than enough money not only to keep this going but to show a decent profit as well but maybe that is just too simple.
09/02/17 12:15
Where is the news about patch 5.8 then?
09/02/17 14:32
Yeah, where's the news, Sublinet?

And no new building for the last plot of land?

For those interested, we will need 3x banks at Level 21 and 1xbank at Level 20 to be able to upgrade the stadium, unless you are Iranian and can just upgrade immediately without needing to upgrade your banks...
09/02/17 14:43
chris Milano aint Iranian and already has level 23 stadium
09/02/17 15:34
Yup, it is because Cris already had his banks upgraded in anticipation of this big, great update (as with other members of our guild), and used his gold balls to speed the process up. He's my guild mate and he did it the honest way. What I meant is that without the need to upgrade banks, some Iranians are able to upgrade their stadia.
24/02/17 15:51
15 days now & still no news about patch 5.8 SUBLINET have really surpassed themselves this time
08/03/17 01:12
I want money
04/11/17 13:08
04/11/17 13:09
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