training center for young player

28/07/17 02:53
It would be great if we could build a training center for young players.
In this building,

_We pay some cash AND recruiter coins to create a player
_This player is 16years old , we can choose the number of the player but we can't decide of his energy recovery speed or training speed.
_From 16 to 18 years old the player's got no salary and can't be saled. During this time, his training speed is boosted ( a bonus between +50% and +100%)
_We could only have a limited number of young players ( 22, 25 or 30 )
_Before his got 18 the player can't play with the pro players
_We could imagine the possibility of young players confrontation even a championship where the rewards would be recryuiter coins or an amélioration of the training center
_the won't be any players quality bonus ( coming from strategy or match bonus ) for these players
_Depending on the level of our training center, we could create players with a minimum number of stars. thanks to it, we could eventually create really good players to integrate our team
_The training center can be upgraded winning espoirs games or by paying

It could be unlocked at the level 11 or 13 for exemple

I think it would make rugby manager even more exciting.
What do you ( players ) think about it ?
i hope i will be read

29/07/17 15:37
I have to say a couple things, first I'm not a fan of the academy idea as a whole because I don't think it would be created in a helpful way. Second, I think you have put some great thought into this and if applied how you suggest it could really add a whole new dimension(maybe even two or three) to the game and I would be all for it. I suspect this would be a bit of a development nightmare but if I'm wrong I give it a thumbs up.
01/08/17 23:50
I think an academy was announced during one previous update but never appeared and the update notes were amended.

Same happened with the ability to "copy" a strategy which never materialised either.
03/08/17 21:01
I think this is what the game is missing.