Lets All Do The Hokey Cokey - Is this a bug?

07/06/16 16:10
Having just watched my team spend 41' line dancing and doing the hokey cokey with the opponents players on the sideline without the ball going out for a line out or foul being called, am I right to assume that this is a bug?

This is not isolated to just one team. It happens with many.

It is so bad I think Dropkicks and Fishguard in our guild are still dancing now 24 hours after battle commenced!!!

Is this a bug?

Welsh Wizzards
International Lions

08/06/16 15:33
Which match?
09/06/16 12:39
09/06/16 13:20
The 3-0 dropkicks vs taff game around the 35min mark.. both teams stuck on the sideline until the 60 min mark
11/06/16 15:34
I m sure I would have won as well ! lol