The funniest friendly fail ever

01/06/20 13:36
So today I played a friendly against my fellow guild mate Golden Cats at (Japan time & date) 8:21 PM, 06/01/2020.

The score ended in a 0-0 draw, however it ended in the most bizarre way I've ever seen:
The match was running like normal until the 23rd minute, when one of Golden's players pressed my defender and my goalie back. However, there was no actual attempt from his players to shoot on goal, but simultaneous "ball passing" in which my goalie simultaneously intercepts. My goalie constantly tries to kick the ball away but Golden's player keeps on passing, and eventually the ball just got stuck between us the entire game, despite the fact that he looked like he was going to score. The ball just never got kicked beyond my penalty box, it just merely got kicked between his striker and my goalkeeper. Are they gay or what lmao?

You can watch the match and have a laugh, I swear this is the craziest match I've ever seen.
01/06/20 14:51
happened to me last season similar thing game was playing as normal till 80th min when two of my players decided to stand next to one another and pass ball between themself also score ended 0-0
02/06/20 07:42
Lol. Except that Golden Cats was attacking me, and my goalkeeper is intercepting, with my defender interfering as well. And it was like that literally for the whole time since. And I'm surprised that there's been no foul or goal during that time.