Guilds opposing credit card use and looking for a reason to use match bonus

21/09/16 19:48
To all the guilds "opposing" credit card use / buying of players, I suggest you practice what you preach

I have gone through six guilds all stating they are opposing this practice and yet all of them have bought players, some teams having 10 or more purchased players by themselves.

What I do suggest is maybe changing the name to something in the lines of "We are bitter because there are players with deeper pockets than us" and stop looking for an excuse to use match bonus.

If you want to use match bonus that is your perrogative, al be it annoying a lot of players, but stop whining about players that did the same thing as you, just in a bigger proportion.
21/09/16 20:15
It is appalling that these people use credit cards, shocking!

I have never and never will use a credit card, it is much easier to use a debit card!
21/09/16 20:22
Or vouchers if the latter is unavailable