BMRS millennium edition

13/01/18 02:07
Huge props to to BIA for shattering the old all time record

1. BIA thoughts and condolences to CJ's family. 1000 points
2. La cagnannaise. 354
3. We sincerely salute you. 289
4. Spray poo. 242
5. Can of whipass RIP Klein CJ. 199
6. CJ a little legend. 178
7. AOC. 155
8. Condolences to the family of kid CJ. 148

I don't know who all these guilds are due to name changes but the changes make me fall in love with the rugby culture even more, condolences from the whole RM community CJ
13/01/18 23:00
Many thanks to Black Monks and his support team for their efforts.