BMRS who gave fluffy my home address, do you guys not realize he has a gun to my head now edition

21/12/17 20:15
I really need to know who gave fluffy my address. This guy is a psycho, please spend help

1. Brothers in fluffy thongs. 709
2. Cagnannais. 409
3. Spray poo. 305
4. Damage. 278
5. World barbarians. 241
6. Phoenix. 159
7. Let xv. 146
8. L'ESPRIT. 145
9. Pack de 12. 124
10. Sicarii. 123

And now that I finished up I have just been informed that fluffy requires a south African Christmas meal before he will leave. I now need recipes for rum and raisin chocolate truffles (I have the rum part figured out), roasted duck, gammon, and amarula malva pudding (wtf is this?). Please help!
21/12/17 20:34

One down
22/12/17 01:25
is it a fluffy pink gun?
22/12/17 03:01
Targaryen Dragons :

is it a fluffy pink gun?

I wish, this dictator doesn't mess around. Dessert Eagle in each hand.
22/12/17 06:13
It has fluffy pink bullets
22/12/17 07:39
Police have just released cctv footage believed to show the perpetrator moments before the home invasion and hostage situation began
22/12/17 07:56
Thats my cousin and vice president Fluffy Pink Ears
25/01/18 19:06
We currently have 6 teams in the top 100 and frequently have 5,6,7,8 there. What else do we need to do to qualify for BMRS????
25/01/18 19:35
2 in the top 100 at the time the bmrs staff run the report. One of the bmrs staff has retired for the most part, he came out of retirement to get coach out of his house, and the rest of the staff is at best incompetent.
25/01/18 20:00