Best strategist's in the game ranking system who have spent NO money?

22/09/17 00:46
I am proud to say that BhaRaTcuda (chaotic chaos) and Dragon Warlord are both in the top 100 and both play for Fire of Dragons. Can any other guild match this??
22/09/17 08:39
No, no, no, no, no, you cannot make this statement. Not because I am questioning the veracity of the title of this thread, but because of the unnecessary apostrophe in the plural noun. And yes, I am a pedant
22/09/17 08:45
Man... this statement has ruined my day and broken me as a person :-'' '' ((
22/09/17 08:47
Wow man. I have to say that is a significant achievement by both. Truly, well done. Please pass on my congratulations to both teams. And please let the Dragon Warlord know that I really enjoyed our ranking match this morning.
22/09/17 19:13
Phalanx... Cheers thanks man on behalf of the mighty Fire of Dragons. I have passed on your comment to our inspirational leader... his response was 'good for you' and 'you might hold a' slight' advantage over him with your 10 bought players...and sees you have 77 players.. 'different'
22/09/17 19:46
Dragon blade you seem a very controversial person... i applaud your 2 teams for getting into the top 100 teams but please dont think they are in the same level or league of the likes of taff,mooners and many others that somehow manage to be competitive on all fronts and stay within the top 10 consistently... there is also many teams that would comfortably sit in the top 100 but just havent got time... as for your comments towards the likes of BM you do realise this is one of what was the best teams within the game.. just a suggestion but make more virtual friends than enemies it does make the game a bit more interesting
22/09/17 20:01
Love it Taff and Mooners in the same sentence on best strategist. Equally you can't actually prove just that people maxed out players that they have bought them. Some of the best strategies do this by buying and selling players without parting with their cash but it takes time. I have made millions of RPs in the Ah by a variety of trading strategies from exploiting timing differences to day trading hundreds of players. Some hold on a different are constantly training and allocating points in the right spaces. We all do it our own way within the parameters of the game. We also know that spending a fortune on players does not automatically generate success. I hope your guild chat is more interesting than the forum posts that are hijacked to promote Fire of Dragons.
22/09/17 20:04
End of the day it takes a lot of effort to stay in the top 10 without loosing fans. So anyone who does that gets my vote.
22/09/17 20:07
One of the fallen please dont mistake my putting taff and mooners in the same sentence as me comparing them but of there achievements within the game.. i couldve named many others... like alf,black widow, jungle as consistent in the top 100 but i would be naming everybody from 1 to 60 for consistency
22/09/17 20:08
I agree there quite a few teams in the same guild as me that would easily get into the top 50 and higher sharks and rugby being the most consistent atm