Waspy Tiger for President!!!

17/09/17 13:49
You are a special breed my friend. You derail the the conversation with your homophobia and then have the magnanimity to put things back on the rails. Please watch the insults to entire groups of people. I don't know if you realize but when you resort to calling someone homosexual it does 2 things. It shows you have no ground to stand on and it shows you have a deep insecurity and/or dislike to homosexuals as that is your big insult. Please refrain from that. Call me loud, question my intelect, etc. But don't insult others in your immature attempts to insult me. So let's keep this at banter and not beyond. Speaking of banter, I am still waiting for the mental gymnastics to occur with your definition of how you are bantering and I am going insane. Good luck in your recruitment, after how you have destroyed your credibility with everyone on here you need the luck. Now, back to banter

Vote coach, he has never been a pro rugby player who posts on the forum while he is on the pitch.
17/09/17 13:53
Yuck.... another wild allegation... Queenie is in ref. to your bitchie remarks I am not homophobic in any way... you twist my words to get attention from others...
17/09/17 14:09
Vote for coach, he has never told a forum member to join a dating website, one with only males, call him a queen and then say he isn't saying anything about homosexuals. Coach has integrity
17/09/17 14:11
And just for the mods. I'm backing away from the forums now, this banter that I hoped to prevent that was always intended to be attacks on the four dragon named on the French forum has gone to far, I will take my own advice and leave the level 1 troll here alone (hopefully some day you learn about meta trolling, doubt you can handle it though)
17/09/17 14:16
Wow.... I never called Coach a 'Queen'... u twist words to cause a reaction again and again for attention. Your intent is to cause trouble. This is banter.... you should post on different sections...
17/09/17 14:18
Again the word 'Queenie' was for 'effeminate bitchie remarks' meant to sting like a Queen bee....