Guild Level

05/04/16 13:50
When i check for a "guild war" the system find a guild that has the same level of mine... but how is it determinated? now i'm playing against teams over 60 stars.. and the best in my guild is 40 !!!
05/04/16 14:38
I could be wrong, but I think it searches for the guild available to play that's nearest in rating. So yes, sometimes you end up with a really tough series, sometimes a really easy one, hopefully normally a competitive one - there's no fun if they're too hard or too easy.
I don't know if there are upper or lower limits.
08/04/16 11:19
According to Pierrot, the system looks for an opposing guild with between 67% and 150% of your guild's total supporters - so star rating isn't taken into account at all.