What's happened to support

18/11/19 13:05
Anybody know what's going on with support

I have 3 outstanding one done on oct 21 another on the 31st & one this month on the 11th
18/11/19 23:44
Well the Fraudsters are active Shaun they've blocked my dark destroyer from posting anything on the forum since I posted under Bulls post i need a guild to join. I've no idea why they've blocked me from posting under dark but hey ho i have other accounts and I will continue to use them . I also had a weird glitch last night where all my buildings changed briefly to ones I donot recognise and had my money wiped to 900,00 from 1,6 million then I magically gained 300k upon my next time of logging in so be under no illusion they're still tampering with us. I donot know what is going on with there supportless system all I do know is they're definately watching certain players and I would strongly advise you not to post your team name as they will screw you over just like they have with me.
19/11/19 10:49
And what's happened to the Iranians? No activity in my Guild for over 2 days now.
So fill yer boots recruiting.
19/11/19 11:41
Iran has cut off the international internet connections so nobody actually in Iran can access anything like this.

I doubt it will last long but take advantage of it while you can
19/11/19 19:43
I wondered why we wasn't getting any iranian guilds and very much gettitng the same 3-4 teams over and over on the plus it's making for a fairer game and that prob explains lack of response as admins i think are iran based
21/11/19 11:58
Only happened on sat see..
24/11/19 09:25
it still looks like it shut off and if it carry's on much longer i can see them closing this game down as the iranians pay it & ash i'm pretty sure its the french that operate this game?
24/11/19 09:34
done some searching on google sweet nitro is based in Andorra but the mother company is German