Patch 2.0

20/11/15 06:23
I mean seriously let's make one thing clear do you guys (admins) not care one bit especially when you get feedback from players who have been a part of thr game from early beginnings of fc1 and now fc2 why can't you not move forward with the same concept and make the game user friendly. Pleaee uncomplicate the game take a poll before making a change, Let's start with new players now if auction market is the only place to buy and sell players and it is level based why Wil anybody sell a good player with a low age factor and if you buy a player with 4 years to go that is 4 seasons and he is done which means all the training is in waste. When a player retires recruiter points should be given to the player so there is some coins in the bucket to buy new players. Buildings all the players that started before spent a lot of money on upgrades then you go and change not once but twice the cost of snacks and goodies which makes it less expensive to upgrade. Which is okay but then there is loss of faith, now with the buggy championship, I understand you cannot reset but you should compensate. As vishal and Swans have said test a feature before implementing it you have a test sever activate it there we will join you there to help test the new feature give you feedback to decide. If you find it difficult being the only mods create mods by an application based of a level where players can apply and help.out. That's it for now I hope to receive a calm response, my message is not intended to hurt any players sentiments infact it is only to make the game better and friendly. Cheers
24/11/15 15:44
There is a new patch 2.4 on the game startup - why is it not displayed here?
24/11/15 15:49
Overall - looks like a good patch, well done on this change...

Can you explain the guild matches more in detail - do ten players have to select the match from each opposing guild for the match to start?

Can you'll include a academy for grooming junior players in the next patch?
11/01/23 13:26