Maximum fans of Guild.

20/09/18 14:40
I think that the guild should be limited maximum fans in guild. It should be 3 - 3.5 milions fans, which have some old players have more than 200.000 fans and some new players have less than.

The challenger will be balance. !!!
24/09/18 09:27
Who gives a stuff what the cheating Iranians think
24/09/18 22:07
The guild challenges are based on points now so fans shouldn't matter.
26/09/18 04:10
From the start of the gcs based on guild points, it is pretty harsh as a top 5 guild can win and a weak guild can win as well, so at some stage the strongest and weakest guild may meet. To even things up, the weak guild sometimes need to lose, and the top guilds gotta win, then it will be evened up just like fanbase. I was pretty frustrated in rugby in the start cuz my guild started off well but then they got a top 80 guild and later lost a couple but now it seems like it’s evening up.