My second team looking for a guild in advance

12/08/18 09:30
Second team is Paris Saint-Germain II, planning to leave my current guild in half a season time, so i'm looking for any active english guild (NOT English Premier League this time).
Team info:

Rating: 243,66 stars
Ranking: between 1500 and 2000
Current guild: England 2066

Searching for a top 100 ranked guild (for example Club Twickenham), let me know if you'll accept me in your guild, thanks.
12/08/18 23:40
What's wrong with the one you're in now?
13/08/18 01:56
Jammin :

What's wrong with the one you're in now?

Loan time mate, I move to different guilds for experience, however my main team will stay in the guild where it is.
13/08/18 11:53
Think you will find it difficult to find a Guild who wants somebody who does not plan to stay.

We would certainly never again knowingly take a team who did not plan to hang around. For the Guild it is better to wait & land somebody who is going stay & contribute long term rather than for a season or two.
13/08/18 22:13
i'ma bit like that myself I play GC and send heals but I do like to change guilds as different members got different knowledge, Sons of pitches and twickenham is the only top english guilds I've not been in I think like i;ve had my time in world elite , kelly gang , Rebels , english prem, spent a brief period in wembley but that was too quiet for me . You should find a guild relatively easy I tend to look at the requirments like stadium wise then as long as it not invite only I join who I want