friendly games

04/09/16 20:37

just want to know why when you play a friendly game, the speed of the game for the home team deteriorates so drastically, yet the opposition is still at the same rate ?

please don't tell me it's the same as the actual game, cause it is not ?

also, why is it that your team never plays the same each time you log on ?

they either play out of their skins or you just get smashed by anyone ?

a response from a moderator or the developers would be appreciated
05/09/16 10:42
The devs will say there is no such thing as home advantage. There are many, including me, who disagree with this and have carried out exhaustive 'tests' that indicate the same.

The game will still, however, be effected in different ways by your ( and their ) starting morale, energy etc etc in addition to the myriad of strategies that you not only use but which your opponent will be set up for and which you will never know.
06/09/16 23:51
There's a random number generator in the game engine somewhere which provides some unpredictability so just as in a card game you can have a good and a bad run of luck