New Player looking for guild

24/05/17 17:27
I am a new player looking for a guild. Not high in the rankings yet, but climbing fast
24/05/17 18:31
Your best bet is to find a guild you like and play their leader in a few friendly matches so they can find you for an invite. Coalition of Conquerors is looking for a player interested in the game.
24/05/17 22:11
Can't go wrong with the CC, really nice and really experienced guild. Will learn a lot from them.
29/05/17 20:06
Looking for an active guild I send and receive over 750+ each on kits
31/05/17 19:23
Sadly I just got kicked out of my guild, IDK why or what I did to deserve this. But I'm a free agent now.
31/05/17 19:24
Which guild?
31/05/17 19:40
31/05/17 22:16
This may help help (or not)

Reason's you may be kicked from guild:

Full of yourself on chat
Creepy or overly misogynistic or racist chatter on chat or pm
Always beating people 6 to 10 levels below yourself in guild challenges (hate them nobs)
Lack of progression
Stalking players in the guild outside of game
Better option available

I will let you choose which applies
01/06/17 00:24
Really none applies. I always sent healing kits, was active and gave advice. I was told that the guild was cleaning house after the last GC. I was appointed RH before that, and it's done and over. Found a new guild that sent me an invite.
03/06/17 21:17
playing guildmates in map games breaking guild rules things like that