Update 3.75

09/05/18 00:22
I hope some high players weigh in on this.

Since this last update, I am finding 8k trophy holders that I used to beat with ease are literally destroying me. I saw a wizard hit my king and in 1 shot...kill him.

Is anyone else finding that playing against weaker players since the last update almost impossible or is it just me?

Torvick and helter. Thanks for weighing in on my last comment
09/05/18 00:41
Well on one hand we got average level players complaining that they're getting rekt by higher level and now higher level that complains about getting rekt by average level players ? It's getting hard haha

I dont have this problem Anto but I'm probably not a good example... a lvl 7-8-9 player litterally has no chance against me as I provably simply one shot his units ^^'

Once again a player with less trophies then you could have a higher level on his account meaning he has higher level of cards meaning he would deal more than you, juke him and outskill him cause you probably wont win frontal fight
09/05/18 07:11
Seems strange. I don't have seen a change since the update.
As Torvick says, check players' profile, this could be an answer.

I'll try an other one : are you sure you don't play against bots ? I don't know if you're aware of this, but if you wait more than 35 seconds on the searching screen, the game put you against a bot (a red symbol instead of a flag, less trophies than you - about 2k5 -, no guild, and you can't find him in the research), and their units are sometimes way too strong. ^^'
If it's the problem, you can disable them in game's parameters.
10/05/18 02:36
Helter. You are a genius...I had no idea about this. I see them all the time the have no guild and 2.5k lower than me. Wow. I will disable that. Those are the ones I am getting creamed on. Merci beaucoup mon ami.
12/05/18 02:01
Their battle plan is very strange. Some Times they dont move at all, and come Times they are mission impossible.. Anyway i disabled them, but lot of time for a battle..
20/05/18 11:25
Since i updated the Game the "Assasine" dissapeared from the game its not there anymore what should i do?
20/05/18 13:42
Did you have her before ?
If not, I have the same thing here : units that I've never found are not listed anymore. But I think we could always got them.
30/05/18 08:02
When will be next update?
31/05/18 13:45
بیای باهم بازی کنیم
01/06/18 07:02
@(UE) simodocet : The support said that it should be next week.