Special Teams

03/04/17 13:15
I'm having issues with my special teams tackling in the second half. First half they do great but the second half they give up runbacks for touchdowns probably 90-95% of the time. I'm a level 18 and it doesn't matter what level I play, the same thing happens. I have adjusted everything I can up and down with the same results. My offense and defense play fine the whole game but the special teams only for the first half. If anyone has a suggestion or tip I would appreciate it.
03/04/17 16:01
It's a common problem. A couple of things you can try. Make sure your ST players are only on ST not offense or defense. Work the AH to do this, it will keep your players fresher, longer. Always go for 2pt conversion, keeps your ST fresher. And last you just have to keep lowering your rhythm an d speed slowly until you can make ST tackles for most if not all of the game. Hope that helps.
03/04/17 17:35
Thanks, GoBucs. I will give it a try and see how it works. What has me confused is that I never had this problem until I reached level 16 or 17.
03/04/17 19:01
It happens to everyone at some point. ST guys just seem to get tired sooner. One last thing you can do (it's a pain tho) is change your ST guys for new ones at halftime. You have to go in and manually make the changes but it can give you a big advantage in the 2nd half. One last thing if you score with no time left and are worried about a kick return that will lose you the game, call a 2pt play you don't think will score (I have a special play for it)
05/04/17 17:13
I tried what you said and assigned players on ST that are not on offense or defense. It is working pretty good for now, actually much better. Thanks for the input, it is very much appreciated!
19/06/17 01:17
I know I’m a Johnny-come-lately on this subject, but saw this topic (as I searched for advs. of having more than one Strategy bldg), and will take GoBucs’ advice too. My Hawgs are losing games (most close) from kick returns, and even bruised my hand from the frustration! Yeah, it’s funny, but didn’t know what else to do, until I saw this post. Thanks guys – and will see how much team improves if ever I meet any of you! I too am at Level 18. Best wishes!! (SNORT!! )