guild chat and messages

13/09/16 15:25
So a few strange things going on

1st guild chat.. over the last week or so it's very hard to scroll down the guild chat.. the slide bar is not showing up all the time...and scrolling down to see old messages is a mess....

2nd guild messages..... for whatever reason as I am typing a message the box closes and the writing shows up on the game screen... i have to write a message 3-4 times to get it to go right...
Tried this and had it happen on both my gaming and Office computers,, so it's not just my system..

14/09/16 14:11
ok I found whats causing the problem with the guild messages...

When you hit the backspace key it drops the message box and then you are just typing on the game game screen

easy to spot just start typing a message and hit the back space button

should be an easy fix now that we know whats making it happen
14/09/16 21:18
looks like you fixed this Thanks!

19/09/16 04:04
Scroll down or up is still very painful.
19/09/16 16:00
alfasuarez :

Scroll down or up is still very painful.

ya Our guild is active and trying to scroll down in the guild chat is a mess .....

it sputters and stops moving.. you have to fight with it.. so many people are missing post that they need to scroll down for
26/09/16 12:03
Indeed we'll fix it very soon.