Black Venom

04/01/20 19:10
Hi all , i'm leader at Black Venom we have 1 place however I am likely to open up more spots for the right players as we do have a small minority not helping out which I fully intend to weed out.

So what can I offer you
Regular Challenges
a decent friendly guild with no egos
and atm the lads are wanting that bit of extra quality to solidfy us being a top 100 guild.

Our highest member davo is level 102 and i'm 96 myself currently if interested give me a game and you'll see an invite come your way .

Have a good day/ night and hope to see a new face soon my only requirements are you send heals / play challenge ideally where looking for 85+ but i'll take a lower member if they're active.
05/05/20 10:36
Two spots open here if anyone wants to join give me a friendly and you'll receive an invite . Ideally looking for guys who are level 100+ but will accept an active 95+.
06/05/20 05:14
you level 96 ash? i am catchin up!
By the way its the bulls, but i have changed my name and am now called CRUSHED™
my level is 94
06/05/20 05:16
yor level 100 something actually
06/05/20 05:17
i am reaaly happy about how well my guilds going, but starting a training guild is difiicult
08/05/20 09:57
Yes i would expect you to catch me as my level is more difficult to get promotion from i donot know of your training guild
08/05/20 10:14
why did you never make a training guild ash?
08/05/20 17:50
Simple reason that people in a training guild would feel undervalued and that it was unlikely they'd be promoted + time really . Besides better to have 1 solid guild than setup two guilds that may not make it as it's very hard to recruit active sides as you
you've seen