players scoring pts that wasn't even in my first 15?

03/01/19 15:42
I have an account called Leeds rhinos in the TIR I had a player called Marvin he;s now in my XI but at the time he was my 25th sub however he was somehow on the pitch apparently as a number 10 but not only on the pitch but he pretty much won my league game for me despite me not having him in the first XI has anyone else witnessed any other strange quirk like this?
03/01/19 18:20
03/01/19 19:45
maybe due to you having a starting XI rather than a starting XV?
04/01/19 00:02
Lol, Targs....

Hi Kieran,
I have looked back at your schedule, as far as I can to 27th Dec.
Are you mistaken? He has played in games since then (he's on the scoresheets).

Unless this happened before the MR deletions.
And if so, regard it as an Immaculate Conception!