Set plays

12/02/18 09:14
Give a team 3 set plays wat they can setup ons there teams, so you can customize your set plays to you're teams straights
12/02/18 19:30
This would make the game more interesting. Most people on higher level are just cruising by and considering retiring
21/02/18 23:05
This would bring a new dimension to the game and would make it interesting.
06/03/18 21:23
09/03/18 17:09
Chip kicks/grubbers to other players rather than a chip-and-chase (such as a cross-field to winger, or a chip to both centres through the middle).

Switch plays to get outside player back on the inside. (Annoys me that the team only passes laterally one way ALL THE TIME when there's a guy on the inside in space).

Positioning the winger in an attacking position between the centres/behind the 10/inside the 9 at first receiver.

Getting the winger to loop round and double up with the opposite winger. Same with the full back - at the moment one winger and the full back are useless in attack.