playing tactics that aren't setup

01/04/19 11:49
Hello I've just played iranian stars lost 2-1 I was actually looking forward to doing well this season as I understand where i went wrong as I was speaking to a few of the top players in my team i've just had my first league match to my disgust, it's put me using a formation I've clearly got setup on friendlies not championship , not tournie or guild FRIENDLIES as this is a not so good formation . I could of easily won that if it had of played the formation I'd set it up to do please fix this.
03/04/19 00:33
You 100% sure you only have 1 set up for that sort of game if you have 2 it can select the wrong one. also if you ever change to another one play safe by logging out then comin back on I had that happen to me once & was told by another guy in our guild to do that as he found it would not always accept the change until you had logged out we don't know why it cant just do it every time it just seems to sometimes do that
03/04/19 09:17
Yes also just happened to me in a gc as well where I clearly put on what should be the loss strat game makes me win 3-0 in future i play 1 game from now on on easy gc's as this aint right the game is totally f............... tbh I just don't have a clue what formation it'll play next I reckon even if i only left it to have one created strat no doubt nitro would put me in one of the ridicolous standard setups like 3-5-2 that we all know doesnt work
04/04/19 17:42
Was a stupid idea from the start the old set up way was much better