I'm considering leaving the game

12/01/19 12:04
Big Show.
13/01/19 14:20
They are trying to run too many games on too fer servers. I car't see there being anymore building updates after all how far can they go level 100 & have a sports shop giving 100% discount.

To be honest I am amassing cash now at a silly rate I don't know if Ashley ever went over a billion or not but in all likelihood by the end of next season unless I go crazy & somebody bids me up to totally stupid prices on the sports shop I will find out if or not it can be done as I'm almost certain to break the billion barrier so what would be the point of level 27 etc one season or maybe less & I could have the whole lot updated to the next level I currently have over 1,400 gold balls so could just blow them on instantly finishing all or at least most of them.

They do need to do something but god knows what they tried the knock out that was a total farce & died on its **** levelling everybody up was just an insult with the we are going to move you all up to higher levels B S yes I went up several levels but as I was in the top level of the 4 levels they levelled up all they really did for me was back me up to play teams I had left behind again as I told them at the time no matter how its dressed up they in effect moved me backwards.

The one thing that could be the making of this game is a change to 3 up 3 down & the rest go nowhere as in real life sure if you go down you could have an advantage as your squad could be better than those you have dropped down to but the same happens in real life as well so I really don't see their argument against that other than maybe hitting their income
13/01/19 16:33
The Great Khali.
13/01/19 16:53
well to tell you another sickening thing they robbed me shaun of my money obvs they denied it like when I put a ticket in but I have put a bid of 1.9 billion on a sports gear item because there was nothing to do
14/01/19 00:02
Sounds like you could just go unlimited then
16/01/19 21:39
ive had 1.6 billion on rugby and there have been 3 other billionairs on there
15/09/19 19:34
18/09/19 02:07
I have 1.6 plus all shops maxed out & I'm not sure if its 3.5 or 4.5 seasons income from the stadium as well once you reach around level 88 money becomes almost pointless you just cant spend it all.