Maximum super star players

23/07/16 10:12
What is the maximum number of super star players you can buy trough the premium packs?
23/07/16 19:13
i saw dollard bought 6's the maximum i saw till now.

but really ,this pack will destroy the game .
22/06/17 18:11
how can i have maximum for my level players?
23/06/17 09:17
I've seen Guildford gimps with an entire team of packs players although he has absolutely no idea how to use what he has a bit like dollard so all one big waste of money if your gunna buy em you still have to know how to use them. You only have to look at dollard to see that from finishing top of his league every sesason about 10-15 seasons ago he's now bottom of his division nearing on every season
26/06/17 07:02
so many teams have super star it fair ?