26/12/18 13:20
Perpignan USAPguest_1450757130206 :

At all the damages, you have the biggest team but except the players who have the time difference the others are cowards, to attack the night is not fair play, with us 80% of the matches are played when you are present, I I am very disappointed with your behavior.....

What's wrong with the time difference? So Sean/other people are supposed to play only when you can play? That'd be really unfair, and it's not a bad behavior, it's all legit. If you're really butthurt at losing, just create offline strats for yourself and quit moaning. Simple
26/12/18 13:33
Hull fc. Sean :

Don't worry. I'm retiered

So why have you come on here to stick your nose into something that doesn't concern you?
26/12/18 13:41
If you don't understand you never will.
You're not in the circle of trust young man and proberly never will be
26/12/18 13:42
Not much of a answer to my question.
26/12/18 13:48
Ok then, if you need to ask me if I've retiered then you clearly unsure about the game?
This has got more to do with me than it has you, so I ask you the question? Why are you sticking your nose in?
Concentrate on building your self a strat and not getting relegated rather then coming onto a forum and speaking out about something that doesn't concern yourself?
Good enough answer?
You send me plenty of heals every day and have no idea.
See all and be all.
Circle of trust.
26/12/18 14:01
And you guys played many games against us at a time when most of us were enjoying Christmas lunch with our families. So what?

Actually we get this after every single Guild Challenge against La Cagnanaise, so this post doesn't surprise me in the least. They're so used to having it all their way in the past that they don't know how to handle defeat now that they have some competition. We've had 3 wins and 2 draws in the last 5 guild challenges against them, and every time a handful of their players have resorted to sending our members insults and complaints about one thing or another. Now they've resorted to complaining on the forum, about us not playing them at a time that suits them, of all things.

USA Perpignan, your guild leader has my contact details. He could have contacted me personally if you guys have a problem. I've known him for a long time.

For the record, this isn't our first rodeo against La Cagnanaise. You guys have always had teams playing us in the early hours of the mornings and late at night. You never heard us complain once. So put your dummy back in.

We have players from all sorts of time zones who will play at a time that suits them - whether it be because of the different time zone or because it is a strategic move. That's our prerogative and the same applies to your guild and every other one. We wont be dictated to and told when to play our games. If we play at a time that is inconvenient for you, too bad. It's part of the game. Develop a decent offline strategy.

Lastly, I played both your leader RC Cagnan and All Blacks last night when I KNEW they were online. I beat Cagnan and lost to All Blacks. Fair play. Some of your players are really good players and some are really nice guys... good guys. I like them a lot... they're competitive and humble. Such a pity about the other ones that cry so much.

26/12/18 14:03
Haha just the answer I was looking for. The bell3nd is still playing the game. Made a forum post about retiring to look for attention. Such a sad person. Hope Santa brought you a life for Xmas. take care.
26/12/18 14:08
Does it look my accounts are still playing? Are you even connected in game? Clearly not with getting relegated AGAIN. You have no idea at all do you. That's why you'll always be in the guild chasing the top. Rather than the guild at the top.
Like I said before if you need to ask the question you have already lost.
Do a bit if homework and come back soon. Clearly been under the rock a little to long
26/12/18 18:10
Lol Lol
26/12/18 20:08

you talk about fair play when some arrange matches but playing at night is not fair play so that's what I meant