Patch 3.2

21/05/16 23:46
thxs vishal ... totally agree with you we should all group together and not fight one another (unless its a gvg lol) then the programmers might listen a bit more
22/05/16 01:02
PierrotLL :

- The number of challenges won is now shown on the description of the guild

That's great, will it be updated any time soon as currently everyone is still showing 0 wins?

Might also be better to see this information on the guild ranking page rather than having to look individually at each guild. Cheers
22/05/16 12:40
good idea mk make it a lot easier for everyone to see
23/05/16 22:24
thanks, developers, for doing the right thing by automatically moving all the 6-8 strikers outside the penalty box when a goal kick is taken!

this certainly reduce cheap goals n cheating by all teams.

24/05/16 04:47 was fixed...very good
24/05/16 07:49
I have absolutely zero sympathy for people who were criticised for standing in front of goal kicks. That is not tactics - it is cheating.

I'm elated this has now been stopped and we can go back to playing football.
26/05/16 21:34
I'd like to congratulate both the developers & admins for what is now looking a very good patch to the game. They receive a lot of criticism most of the time, but credit where it's due well done for the positive changes made to the game, and thanks for listening to and acting on some of our ideas, grumbles and so on. Cheers.
27/05/16 08:05
I second that ... as a master grumbler
28/05/16 22:23
I am confused PL are happy with the change, but still you have 5 guys on the edge of the box to pick off the goal kicks. DO you stand for what you say here on on the forum or are you just trying to be political correct?

That said ...You have the best tactics in te game and fully deserve the top championship. Congrats!
28/05/16 22:46
Get rid of match bonus and we will see how good peoples tactics are . Just my opinion . Congrats on the win tho