The Bar

09/12/18 23:32
We are looking for active members. We are capable of taking 6-11 new members as, we have some inactives and some of us have 2nd teams we can boot for the right teams. We are a top 3-5 guild already, with the right additions we can compete with the top two guilds. So maybe there is a group of players that might want to compete with the best guilds, let me know. Our guild has some really solid players. You'll notice we have quite a few leaders and RH's. Our guild is pretty relax, in general we don't believe in heavy handed leaders. We want everyone to enjoy the game and realize no one wants to be bossed around. Teams can just join or if there is a possible bigger merge have one team join to discuss it. We are currently open to join. Feel free to ask any questions.
14/12/18 07:50
Take it from me, the Bar is great. We all come together, joke around, and share tips and strategies to make your team better. We're not the best guild rank wise currently, but we're just a few good players from being one of the best. We have a couple of teams that have been around pretty much since the game started that have alot of tips they're always willing to share. We want your team to be better, making us as a whole better. We also have one of the best teams currently that's always battling for #1 or residing at #1. Then we have several top ten teams. I've been in 4 guilds, and in my opinion, the Bar is the best. Compete with the best to be the best...
20/12/18 03:50
We now have monkeys, join to find out more.
20/12/18 03:50
We now have monkeys, join to find out more.
21/12/18 00:31
I'm not trying to "jack your thread" but wanted to see if the Bar had any interest in joining a cross guild custom tournament between Christmas and New Year's. I didn't know a better way to get your attention. I wanted to get the word out now so I can get it organized a little.

Great Guild you guys got going over there. I hope you guys are interested. it should be a little fun to change things up a little bit. If interested, I have a thread over in the Discussions board in the forum. Sorry again if I jacked your thread. it was not my intention.

The Maddogs
21/12/18 14:59
Don't worry about the thread. I'll check and see.
21/12/18 16:23
OK. I have an "official" post over in the discussion area where I will put the code and any details, called "The Maddogs' Holiday OpenTournament of Fun" so we can get everyone organized in the same thread. Hope you can send some teams it should be a good time.
11/01/19 23:16
Chicago Monkeys, Cowboys 4 Life, TK Seahawks all have been added, we just need a few more big name players. If you feel you're a big name, active player, come join us at the Bar and be a part of the building of the next great guild.