Passing delay

07/09/16 13:45
I would love to see a delay put in before the ball is thrown by the QB... it would allow us to get down field more and better use the custom play routes

just a ,05-2.0 seconds delay would be huge

as it stands everything happenes on the snap for the most part

09/09/16 13:36
Good idea, I'm noting it
09/09/16 19:36
10/09/16 19:38
Yeah! Maybe that will be the solution to allow the WR to get deeper and receive a long pass.

26/10/16 22:50
You could update the play calling style to fix a few things. Running plays (any formation) could be split into 3 basic categories, inside run (between the guards), off tackle (between the guard and TE position), and wide (outside the TE). You could separate the passing into a short, medium, and long categories which would adjust your QB passing delay, based on distance.

Labeling positions as wr1, wr2 etc could allow for the player to set tendencies for games via simulation. Ex. Rb1 gets 75% of the carries; you could have a %run/pass per formation with adjustable % for inside run, off tackle run, short pass and so on.

If you wish to give the user more input during a live game you could have them choose formation, run/pass, then type of run/pass.
27/10/16 02:04
^^^^ this yes