what cunt has reported South Leeds for match fixing?

21/05/20 01:54
hehe Crusaders if you are who i think you are come join me lol
27/05/20 13:24
YstradgynlaisNot so Damaged :

Hello Royal. Leeds results actually favoured our player in that championship. So it would be pointless anyone reporting it. I agree with Andy it is a sad day the way things have been handled. I said this new patch will go south but you all had to pressure SN into sorting match fixing out. Everyone was applauding this La Cag exposed guy for what he was doing and now the game is completely ruined. You all have yourselves to blame. The game should have been left alone when MB was removed. I might sound like a c0ck but I'm being honest.

An absurd statement. How can ending corruption and match fixing be the problem? Ending match fixing has already made a vast improvement to the game. The last 2 seasons have been much more competitive and enjoyable with La Cag teams playing properly and still doing well in their leagues. The problem here is not the ending of corruption, its the attempts to continue the corruption by reporting games that were clearly not fixed, just to get an opponent banned. And, of course, the biggest culprits, the incompetence of SN to manage anything properly.
28/05/20 11:46
S/n don't care
02/06/20 19:18
Eirik Norseman :

S/n don't care

You could pretty much copy and paste this as an answer for absolutely every question or complaint or suggestion posted here